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Managers Association of Non-Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Valencia (AGENOPE), and provides Consulting Services and environmental advice to more than 50 companies that make up this association.




AERT (Spanish Association of Collection, Treatment and Recycling of oils and fats) is a national business association that brings together and represents all those companies who develop any of the following activities: Collection of waste oil from the hotel and catering industry and domestic oil treatment. (Filtration, purification, etc..) Recycling and processing of these oils ..





AVAESEN (The Valencian Cluster of Energy Industries), created in February 2006, is a non-profit association of energy companies established in the Valencian region. AVAESEN encompasses over 175 member companies. AVAESEN has legal personality and full capacity to act.

Their functional domain extends to the companies that make, or any group of them, conducting activities related to the energy sector and having their Registered Office, Delegation or Work Centre in the Valencian Community. Nowadays AVAESEN has over 175 member companies, representing 80% of the energy companies in the region.






Collaborating entities
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