Recycling Rate

  • The producer of solar panels, when placed on the market or sell their solar panels, in the selling price of each solar panel will include the recycling rate to be charged to the customer.
  • Once charged the rate of recycling on the solar panel will be declared quarterly Sunreuse Association, along with the total amounts of the type of solar panels, inverters and batteries placed on the market this quarter.

Subsequently, the Sunreuse Association will issue the corresponding invoice to the producer, which shall include the following services:

  • Logistics and treatment costs of solar panels, batteries and accumulators.
  • Administrative and financial costs..
  • Cost of communication and dissemination.
  • Cost of treasury shares and projects (seal of quality and environment etc.).

Sunreuse Association will charge the management costs of solar panels and management costs of batteries and accumulators.

Collaborating entities
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